Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Beast: A hate story, the beginning by Mary Catherine Gebhart

5 absolutely amazing stars, but deserving of so, so much more!
The writing is absolutely beautiful, the plot, is so intricate and creative, and the characters-well we end up falling in love harder than both. Of all the mafia romances I've read, Beast, is certainly the most unique. Beast incorporates themes from traditional fairytales-with mafia twist. 
Frankie, ends up giving her life in exchange for her fathers, for a debt he owed to the pavoni family. When Beast first sees Frankie, he's intrigued, and though violent at times, Beast and Frankie find their walls crumbling down and loving the company of one another so much, it may even be considered love. Frankie, - nieve virgin, knows she shouldn't feel anything towards her captor, but she catches glimpses of desirable traits in Beast that no one else is privy to seeing. Frankie learns a secret about her identity that gives her light at the tunnel of escape-but does she actually want to go through with it? My heart completely shattered at the end, left in pieces, probably not far off from how Beast looked in this situation.
With all certainty, book 2 is probably number 1 on my most anticipated to read list. Will the beast and Frankie finally get their own, unique happy ending? For Frankie's sake-let's hope! 

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