Wednesday, April 5, 2017

*REVIEW* Dark Lessons by Julia Sykes

5 stars (Sassy Southern Girl Victoria)

What did I just read?! My mind is blown. Completely. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. I absolutely LOVED this book. The plot was absolutely the most creative I've ever come across. There was so much action in this book I felt like I was watching a movie on the big screen! Which, this honestly, could be a movie-it was THAT good!
Jason and Natalie meet a day before she begins training at Quantico to become an FBI field agent. Jason is sent there to teach, after his secret is out of the bag that he's become addicted to prescription pain medication from an old injury and PTSD problems.  Sparks immediately fly between the two, and Jason gives Natalie a brief look into his BDSM desires. As the story progresses, Natalie, - strong and independent woman realizes she loves being dominated in bed, and not only becomes her instructor's submissive-but also the love of his life.  With quite possibly the biggest, most insane, mind blowing plot twist in any book I've ever read-we're jolted to 5 years ahead-and buckled in for the wildest action packed ride you may ever go on in a story. 
An absolute must read! Suspenseful! Sexy! Utterly amazing! 

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