Monday, April 10, 2017

*REVIEW* Extra Innings by Michelle Lynn

5 stars from Sassy Southern Girl Victoria

I honestly didn't think I could love any couple more than Crosby and Ella-but Michelle Lynn has surely proven me wrong. This book is absolutely a solid 5 star read! This isn't just a sweet, hot, hilarious sports romance-it's the story of two very different people coming together to realize that it's okay to depend on one another.  Ainsley Winslow, orphaned, works her butt off to take care of herself and her brother. She finds herself giving the campus playboy a summer of hookups to let some of her stress loose. The campus playboy-Braxton Brentwood wants more than just the summer;he craves Ainsley more than any girl that's throwing themselves at this baseball jock. Brax finds himself chasing after Ainsley-who doesn't think she wants anything serious with anyone, ESPECIALLY not Brax. As Brax chases her, he realizes he must come to terms with how he deals with his best friends from high schools deaths-which was to push everyone away. The story shows how both the poor orphan striving to be a doctor and the emotionally scarred popular jock looking to go pro, help one another to achieve happiness. Happiness, for these two ends up being together. I have to admit-the writing is out of this world! I found myself crying, most notebly during the "happy birthday" scene. A definite must read ! Guaranteed to hit every emotion! 

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