Thursday, April 6, 2017

*REVIEW* Honored: The Mountain Man’s Babies by Frankie Love

5 stars
I have read a one of the other books in The Mountain Man's Babies series by Frankie Love and was excited to read this one.

Honor is basically on the run with her three small boys. She is running away from the only life she has ever know, being a sister wive. She wants more for her boys and her than being just someone her so called husband spends one night out of three with her. She escapes to her cousins house up on the mountain. She needs to figure out what her next step is. Her cousin offers to babysit and let her go to town and enjoy some time to herself. While sitting in a diner a mysterious man appears and shares her pie. He offers to take her on ride. She goes and realizes that there is more than to life than what she has ever experienced. One night with the mysterious man named Hawk has turned her world upside.

Hawk has been known as someone who always finds trouble. When his cousin offers to bail him out of jail and give him a job that can help get his life on track he knows it time to start to settle down. He just never imagined that the mountain would be is place. He knew the moment he walked in the door at the diner and saw Honor she was the one. When they realize they are both staying in the same house temptation is the hardest part especially when he realizes Honor may be married. Can Hawk be the man Honor needs or will his past keep them apart.

This book is about instant love and how fate can bring two people together. I loved the chemistry between Honor and Hawk. This story is about real struggles and how people see what they want in a person without really seeing the person. I recommend this book.

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