Monday, May 15, 2017

Captain by Lauren Rowe

Stars from Sassy Southern Girl Victoria

"Dude, stop being Forrest Gump about this girl. She's Katniss Everdeening you with her crossbow and you're sitting there with a hard-on talkin bout 'life is like a box of chocolates'. Well you know what I say to that Rum Cake? Run, Rum Cake, Run!" 
This is the brilliance that is Lauren Rowe. Oh how I've missed the Faraday brothers, Sarah, Babybro, Cheese, Peen, Kum Shot, and of course Captain Ryan Morgan. As always, each and every single character (complete with nick names) in this book makes you laugh out loud with tears running down your cheeks at the pure hilarity of in their head commentary and conversations amongst each other. There truly isn't a boring part in this book-I only wish these characters were real and the stories were never ending.
Captain Ryan Morgan finds himself sitting by himself at a bar after the break up of his "bunny boiler" girlfriend (a hilarious fatal attraction nod) when the woman of his dreams walks in. Tessa, ready to be on the prowl after a horrible breakup goes under cover for a night of shaninanigans with her best friend as "Samantha the randy flight attendant"-costume and all. Tessa and Ryan have a jarring soul connection-but what seems to be going so amazing, gets interrupted by the bunny boiler. Without exchanging numbers, Ryan goes on a wild goose chase to find who he believes to be Samantha, a flight attendant for delta. Ryan comes to find out Tessa-Theresa-Samantha-whatever-her-name-is is actually Josh Faraday's personal assistant; the same Josh Faraday marrying his PG (partygirl) sister Kat "Kum Shot" Morgan. When Ryan and Tessa are forced together in Maui during the wedding-sparks fly but secrets are still what keep these two from fully committing. This story is an absolutely hot, witty, and swoon worthy Lauren Rowe classic! An absolute MUST read! 

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