Wednesday, May 17, 2017

*REVIEW* Beast by A. Zavarelli

4 Stars from Sassy Southern Girl Vanessa

The blurb of this book reels you in from the very beginning. It's a story that will grip you so tight and won't let you go. Leaving you in shock but at the very same time leaving you wanting more. Right from the very beginning I knew this is one of the darkest books I have read so far. When the author tells you this books contains dark themes. She's not messing around. Saying this book is dark is putting it lightly. Just like in the fairy tale can a Beauty learn to love a Beast? Will she be able to see past his demons and into the his heart? The relationship between Javi and Bella is not for the fairytale books. But the feelings they have for each other is one for the story books. With so many twists and turns you won't know up from down. 

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