Thursday, May 18, 2017

*REVIEW* Burn before Reading by Sara Wolf

4 stars
A remarkable high school drama/ romance story! I have never read a character that I loved more than Beatrix Cruz.
Beatrix is a fish out of water-she's at the most expensive and elusive high school in town in hopes of getting into NYU to become a psychologist and help her father whom of which suffers from extreme depression. Beatrix gave up everything she once liked-boy bands, her friends, and writing-all to pursue helping her father become better mentally. Beatrix is on scholarship at the school-and is threatened for it to be pulled by one of the Blackthorn brothers-Wolf. Mr Blackthorne agrees to ignore his son's formal request to pull her scholarship-if she spy's on his three boys for him. Beatrix befriends each of the boys-and falls deeply in love with the thorn in her side-Wolf Blackthorn. As Beatrix realizes she actually likes the brothers, she's faced with deciding wheather her scholarship is worth the friends she so desperately needed.
Like I mentioned before, there has never been a character I have read that I loved more than Beatrix. The author has created a character so real-I actually could see someone saying each and every crazy and hilarious thing that came out of her mouth. Beatrix is a fixer-and that's exactly what she does to the Blackthorn brothers, Wolf, Fitz, and Burn. In the process of her fixing the three boys, they in turn fix her "stuck up" personality, and give her a chance to be the high schooler she so deserves to be. Wolf is also an amazingly well written character. We can feel hot tormented he is-and we feel real sympathy for not only him but all the brothers. This is a fantastic enemies to lovers story that needs to be added to your TBR list imediately. 

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