Thursday, May 11, 2017

*REVIEW* The Executioner by Shauna Allen

5 stars from Sassy Southern Girl Victoria

This is an absolutely amazing start to getting to know the Creed family. The executioner truly sucks you in to their small town and the family dynamic.
Asher Creed works as a prison guard, and also works the executions at the prison. His life revolves around work-after injuring himself during war. As we take a peek inside the prison and Asher's job, fate calls for him to meet true crime reporter Genevieve Stone. Genevieve is looking to write an article about the execution that was just performed at the prison-but not only does their chemistry instantly intrigue Asher, but her way with worlds and how she writes the article truly pierces what's left of Asher's heart. We learn that Asher's sister, Claire, has been missing for ten years, and the family hasn't really heeled from that. As Asher and Genevieve's relationship moves swiftly forward, Mrs.Creed thinks that if Genevieve publishes a story about her missing daughter they might get some new leads on a cold case. New leads, relationship troubles, and personal insecurities threaten to rip a part Genevieve and the Creed family as a whole-and we're on the edge of our seats the whole book.
This story was so well done, I felt like I was watching a movie on the investigation discovery network. I fell in love with the whole Creed family, and Genevieve as well. There has been so much pain and tragedy suffered by so many people in the story, and we truly feel for each and every character. Not only will you be hooked on the Creed family, but you'll be hooked into solving the ten year mystery. 

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