Monday, May 1, 2017

*REVIEW* Free Baller by Rie Warren

REVIEW from Sassy Southern Girl Linda

5 Stars

I have read most of Rie's books and was excited to read this one. As usual, she did not disappoint with Freeballer. Brooklyn is a player for the Carolina Crush football team. Last years changes and loses behind him and the team he knows the team counts on him to make it to the playoffs. The problem is the quarterback for the womans team, Delaney. She is off limits not only because of the no fraternizing  policy but because she is always blowing him off. 
Delaney has a no dating policy in place especially guys that play football. It did not turn out so well with the last guy she dated and she certainly wasn't going down that road again. No matter how much she thinks Brooklyn is sex on a stick but his reputation for being a player off the field makes Delaney have reservations.
Once these two finally got together it what hotter than the fourth of July. The chemistry between Brooklyn and Delaney was off the charts. I loved how Brooklyn could be all alpha male and but was also sweet and realized quickly Delaney was different than most women. Delaney was also independent, strong willed and needed to be with the past she had had. 
This book was a quick easy read. Before you sit down to read this be sure and grab a drink and snack because you are not going to want to put this book down. I highly recommend this book. 

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