Thursday, May 18, 2017

*REVIEW* Frog Hog, Valen and Hutch by Rachel Robinson

5 stars
There are very few authors who's work who gives you that feeling of "there is no way their new release is going to top their previous amazing books." Each Rachel Robinson book leaves you saying this to yourself-and each and every time she delivers a  more hot, hilarious, out of this world creative SEAL story. If I could give this book more than 5 stars I would!
After a failed engagement, Valen chases the one night romps of Navy SEALS. Hard, quick, satisfying, and passionate is everything she wasn't getting from her previous relationship. When she feels herself being pulled by Gabe Hutchinson's sexy green eyes and strong jaw line from across the bar like a magnet-she feels she has found her romp for the night. When she gets talking to this stranger, she's thrown for a loop when Hutch calls out her reputation amongst his friends-and will only date her. Valen is so intrigued by Hutch, she immediately realizes she not only wants to romp a SEAL-but she wants a forever with a SEAL too. Could Hutch be her forever SEAL? Hutch has secrets, and when Valen finds out, will it send her running?
Valen is quite possibly my favorite heroine in any book I've ever read. The evolution of her character is done simply amazing! She starts out as this confident independent woman, and then realizes she can still be confident and independent but still in love. She says what she's thinking most of the time-which is something a reader can appreciate wholly-as you don't find yourself saying "I wish she would just do this already!" Hutch-holy brooding hotness! We know he's hiding something-but he's so sexy and we can see he really cares about Valen and putting 100% into the relationship with her. The love scenes? I think my kindle spontaneously combusted. The ending? Nothing sweeter! The best SEAL books out there! 

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