Monday, May 8, 2017

*REVIEW* Good Lies by Charlotte West

3 stars from Sassy Southern Girl Victoria

Good lies is a rockstar romance with a creative spin! Good lies includes one insanely hot rocker-Warren Price that ends up married and in love with a rockstar's daughter-Addison Wanks. During the opening scene we meet a young Addison-who was left with alone in filth while her
Mother ODed in the apartment. After enjoying herself and the people around her while she is in foster care, she meets her father-rock god Billy Wanks. I immediately didn't like Billy- and pretty much didn't find anything redeeming about his character as the story progressed. I wish Addison just stopped taking to him, or actually told him how she felt after she was sent away when her father catches her doing the unthinkable-hooking up with a rockstar. Addison lives a life of trouble growing up but her father is adamant about her not getting serious with a rockstar. The one thing her father begs of her goes straight out the window when she meets Warren Price. Addison and Warren have amazing chemistry-and Addison actually ends up following him on tour to Europe. As the story progresses, and Addisons lies build up, she's left trying to appease everyone around her until her life and lies come crumbling to and end. 
I think there's a lot going on in this story-but aside from not liking her fathers character very much, I think the lies Addison told kept getting even more ridiculous. She had several opportunities to tell the truth and move the story along-but that never happened. I do believe this is a very well done rocker romance-and has a plot that is very creative and was something not alike any other rocker romance I read before.  

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