Tuesday, May 2, 2017

*REVIEW* Loud by Noell Mosco

5 star read from Sassy Southern Girl Julie

Loud by author, Noell Mosco is a rock star romance where we are introduced to Avis, the rock star and Caroline, the hardworking Southern belle. Little does Caroline know but her path is about to cross with one of her favorite band's member. Noel's character development of both Avis and Caroline is so good and their story is so well written. Avis is your typical rock star player who isn't interested in relationships and uses women for sex. But he meets his match in Caroline who shows him that she's not a pushover and he will have to work to win her heart. How they meet made me laugh and how Avis pursues Caroline is so endearing. Their different upbringing play a part in them learning to trust each other and develop their relationship.  The journey of them overcoming their obstacles and reading about them will make your heart flutter. There are sexual situations in this book but they are an integral part to their journey. I was introduced to author, Noell Mosco through this book and I will definitely be looking for more of her books. This was a tremendous 5 star read and you must read this book.

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