Monday, May 15, 2017

*REVIEW* PLUS ONE by Aleatha Romig

5 stars 
So alot of people might be surprised to find out that this is my first book that I've read by Aleatha Romig. I have most of her others on my kindle I just got a late start and haven't been able to read them yet. But I do know this is a different lane but it doesn't matter to be a great book is a great book no matter the genre and Plus One was a spectacular book!!! I absolutely loved it! It was such a light romantic sweet and funny read!! I didn't want to put it down I couldn't wait to find out how everything ended but at the same time I never wanted it to end!!! And the grandmother, oh my lord, I loved the grandmother she was one of those perfect secondary characters that just made this book even more perfect!! Heck she deserves her own   All I'm going to say about Duncan is he is mine. I will stop rambling now and tell you to read this book!! It was so good and I am already planning a reread and I highly recommend this book! 

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