Monday, May 15, 2017

*REVIEW* Sound of Silence by Elizabeth Miller

5 stars from Sassy Southern Girl Victoria

One of the most breathtakingly beautiful romances I have ever read. This is not just a story about love-it's a story about two people healing each other after the one of the most unfathomable tradegies ever known. 
Piper is pregnant-due in the next couple weeks, and mourning the loss of her fiancĂ© Justin who was lost in combat overseas. Caden finds himself at Piper's doorstep upon his best friend, and navy SEAL brother's dying wish. He has to stay long enough to get Piper out of this dilapidated cottage- and piece back together what's remaining of her life. Caden intends on leaving as soon as this mission is over-but after facing some of the toughest missions in Afghanistan, he is not ready for the whirlwind that is Piper.  Caden is fighting an internal battle that includes grief from loosing his best friend, major PTSD, and an emotional war of whether or not he can have feelings for Piper and her newborn son. As this love story emerges-we are hit full force as hard as these two, with the idea that two broken souls can very well complement and heal each other in quite possibly the most emotional rollercoaster ride you may ever read.
Not only is the plot one of the most creative SEAL stories to date, but the amazing attention to detail of  a SEAL's life that was portrayed by the author totally blew me away. Reading this book put the life of an individual in the navy, and their loved ones into an amazing perspective. The writing is out of this world superb and going back and forth between Piper and Caden point of view is so tasteful and just plain right for this story.  I loved each and every character this author has created-and will absolutely be reading more of her work in the near future. An absolute must read! I can not say enough good things about this book-everything about it was truly a masterpiece.

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