Tuesday, May 16, 2017

*REVIEW* Waiting to Fall by Alyson Reynolds

4 stars from Sassy Southern Girl Alisa

Waiting to Fall is book 2 in The Waiting Duet.  I did read book 1 first and think that it helped me enjoy book 2 that much more, but really this book could be read as a standalone.  I would highly recommend reading them in order to get the full experience though.  

We get to know a little about Finn and Cora in book 1 and get some glimpses into their complicated friendship from Nate and Olivia's pov.  References are made about how they may or may not feel about each other a few times throughout the story.  In book 2, we get to get into their heads and continue where book 1 left off.

On a dare Finn and Cora end up kissing, which leads to much more.  Afterwords they both decide that their friendship is too important to them to risk anything more happening between them.  The problem is, once was not enough for either of them.  

This book is full of lots of emotion, suspense and a few edge of your seat moments.  The author hints at a secret that Cora is keeping that causes her to keep herself closed off and against the idea of getting into a relationship with anyone.  When we finally learn what that secret is you better be ready for some shock!  

I loved Finn's character, and his banter back and forth with Cora had me cracking up.  There were also moments that I just wanted to grab both of them and shake some sense into them because they were so stubborn!  Overall I loved getting to know all of these characters and couldn't put my kindle down because I had to know what was going to happen next.  A must read book for sure.

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