Monday, May 15, 2017

Stars, Stripes and Motorbikes (Holidays in Lake Point #9) by Sarah Cass

**4 Stars** from Sassy Southern Girl Elizabeth

Autumn, bike shop owner extraordinaire, is visiting Clay, looking for a car part. While there, Clay gets a visitor, and it's obvious he's happy about it. As for Autumn, she's too busy drooling over the bike the stranger rode in on. But when she does take the time to acknowledge him, two things strike her. First, he's gorgeous, and second, his bearing screams military. It's the latter that brings forth heartbreaking memories for Autumn.

Lincoln (Linc) is immediately intrigued by the beautiful woman with the pink hair. Six years ago, Linc's life was irrevocably changed due to an IED. He lost his left leg, but more tragically, two friends as well. In the years since, after working through his depression, he's become a counselor for wounded vets. Lately, he's needed a break though, an opportunity to regroup and relax, and a long trip on his bike has brought him to Lake Point.

When Linc and Autumn cross paths again, the mutual attraction is obvious. However, Autumn swore to herself to never get involved with another military man, retired or not. She knows firsthand what can happen, as evidenced by her Dad losing both legs while serving, and the death of her fiance, Grady, four years ago.

Linc and Autumn get to know each other, with a little matchmaking nudge from her Dad, Murphy. Autumn comes to realize she lost more of herself with Grady's death than she knew and though she's scared, her heart is telling her Linc is the man to bring her back to life. As for Linc, he's wary as his high school girlfriend had turned stalker, making it so he still had to avoid her years later. But there's something about Autumn that draws him in. He knows they could have something special.

Will Autumn realize her fears about Linc ever returning to active duty are unfounded? Will she risk her heart again and give Linc a chance? Has Linc found what, and who, he's looking for in Lake Point? Is there a HEA for these two?

One-click now and follow along as two people, both hesitant to risk themselves, discover a love that will never fade. Please be advised that while this is book nine in the series, I was easily able to read it as a standalone without feeling lost.

On a purely personal note, Linc and Calli, Clay's sister, were a little too familiar. Yes, Linc said she's like his little cousin and the three of them grew up together, and Calli has a girlfriend, but I could've done without her giving him a quick kiss on the lips and him smacking her a$$, regardless of the fact that it wasn't of a sexual nature at all. It's just weird.

**I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.**

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