Saturday, June 10, 2017

Taming a Jackaroo by Sidney Valentine

4 Stars

This is the first book by Sidney Valentine I have had the pleasure of reading. This book was fun, hot, steamy and informative all in one. It broached a subject not everyone is comfortable talking about it and it did it in a graceful way.
When Affrica is offered a job of a lifetime she cannot resist. But when you think she is a bit over her head she powers through. Jack is the complete opposite of Affrica. All he wants is to be free of his past. He wants to leave and never look back. But when fate intervenes and drops Affrica in his lap. Can he do what he has set out to do from day one?
This book is guaranteed to give you some hot flashes of the good kind. The tension between Affrica and Sam is almost too hot to bare. You can feel it whether they arguing with each other or fighting the attraction they obviously have.
Will they be able to realize what they’ve always wanted is right in front of them? They just have to be willing to give in a little.

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