Friday, May 5, 2017

Birthday Witch by Billie Dale Cybill

4 star from Sassy Southern Girl-Alisa

Birthday Witch was definitely a fun and different read.  This book really is unlike any book I have read and was full of twists and turns.  

Shayden is turning 40 and starting a new journey now that she is newly divorced.  What she didn't expect was to be thrown into a magical world in desperate need of her help.  Finding out she has true magical powers is just the tip of the iceberg compared to everything else she is facing.  

With some super hot help she is training to fight to save a land she never even knew existed.  Throw in some super steamy moments between Shayden and this help and it gets extra HOT!

I really enjoyed all of the characters in this book and would love to read another story involving this group.  I was actually sad to get to the end because I wanted more.  There were a few places I had to go back and reread to make sure I understood what was going on but otherwise the writing was good. 

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