Wednesday, May 10, 2017

*REVIEW* The Boy Next Door by

5 Stars from Sassy Southern Girl Rebecca

 Amelia Frank is an author and has an internship at Imagine Luxe. She believes this could be her big break until she walks in and sees him - the man who broke her heart many years ago. Dash Frazier has made many mistakes in his life with one of the biggest walking away from Amelia Frank all those years ago. But he felt he wasn't worthy of her life due to mistakes he had made. When Amelia and Dash both realize they still have feelings for each other will they give in? When secrets are revealed will it cost them their chance at happiness? This was the first time I have read this author and it definitely will not be my last. I really liked Amelia and I felt bad with what happened between her and Dash so many years ago. It was obvious how much they cared about each other but there was something big keeping them apart. Dash had so much pain inside of him yet we don't know why. It's clear how much he treasures his relationship with his sister but he can't control what she does with her life. I see how that has affected Dash in his own life and decisions. There was so much passion and chemistry between Dash and Amelia and the book was definitely very hot!! I wasn't surprised with what the secret was and I did suspect it ahead of time. I was very disappointed in who caused it as it showed how many issues that person had and insecurities. Definitely looking forward to reading more from the author!

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