Tuesday, May 9, 2017

*REVIEW* Worship Me (Men of Ink Series book 7) By Chelle Biss

5 Stars from Sassy Southern Girl Linda

This is the seventh book in the Men of Inked Series by Chelle Bliss and will certainly not disappoint if you are a fan of this series. If you have not read this series you definitely will want to start but you do not need to read in order to read this book. It can be read as a stand alone but I recommend reading the others just to give you some back story of Izzy and James.

This book takes place 10 years after Izzy and James first meet. This book is great because it gives us a chance to get caught of with the family we love so much the Gallo's. Izzy and James are now married with kids but life is getting in the way. James is part owner with Thomas, Izzy's brother, as a private investigator. He has a case he needs to go to Miami and he needs Izzy to help. Izzy is more than willing to help considering where they will be visiting during their stay in Miami. 

I loved how this book encompasses so much. Sometimes in life we get so fixated on everyone else that we forget how to take time for ourselves. This story just flowed and I couldn't put it down. I especially loved when the wives of the Gallo men were jealous of a woman being hired to help at the Tattoo Studio. The reaction to meeting her in person was priceless, and I would have been just like Izzy. This was my favorite scene. Of course, the sex scenes were hot, hot, hot, but really Chelle Bliss knows how to write those.

I would recommend this book, just a warning read while alone. This book is HOT!

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