Tuesday, June 6, 2017

*REVIEW* Gangster by Sapphire Knight

4 stars 
This book started out so strong and stayed strong through most of the book. It just fizzled at the end for me a little, I just expected a little bit more than that. I loved the shocked factor at the end but then it fell off and that's where I needed more but otherwise and even with that this book is still good. Grace is a strong, doesn't bend down to nobody woman. And that is exactly what draws the Joker to her. But of course she kind of doesn't believe in gangsters or mobsters either. But when one of the top men wants you and will do anything to get you. What will you do? Follow along and find out as T.M. and Grace get to know one another.  And laugh and fall in love and follow the excitement and see if a good girl can love a gangster.  I read this book in one sitting, I wanted to know what happened plus it was a short read for me. And I recommend this book. 

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