Thursday, June 15, 2017

*REVIEW* Punched by Jacob Chance

4 stars

In true Jacob Chance fashion-he has absolutely nailed the sports romance writing style yet again. Punched is the story of an MMA fighter, Noah, fighting to prove his worth not only to himself, but to the one distraction he would welcome again-Reagan, his trainer's youngest daughter. Noah and Reagan once dated back in high school, and truth be told, Reagan fell head over heels in love. After Noah let her go once trying to focus on the MMA circuit and his future in fighting, he's stunned when Reagan is back in his life when she starts working at her fathers gym. We get the classic back and forth between the characters-and it's evident that Reagan is still reeling from her heart being ripped a part in high school. This is a great second chance story, that has once again proven this author's talent at writing sports romances. 
My only complaint with this book is that it's pretty fast paced, and I believe could be a bit more detailed. I fell in love with the characters pretty hard-and wanted to see even more of them than what we are given. It does seem to be a whirlwind romance, but we must remember that they were already well acquainted with each other. This book can definitely be read in one sitting-and is worthy of you one clicking as soon as possible! 

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