Friday, June 2, 2017

Sweet Torment by Georgia Cates

4 stars

Like many other Georgia Cates fans, I too, was jonesing for her amazing writing. This short and sweet novella certainly satisfied that craving. Sweet Torment was totally unlike any other Georgia Cates full length novel-And it was exceptionally well done for a novella. Sometimes while reading novellas I feel cheated by the ending, because they're so rushed and short. This was not the case at all in this story. The slow burn for Bram and Claudia melted my insides waiting for them to finally get together. After Claudia finally turns 18, and all bets are off, there is simultaneously an explosion of raw sexiness. 
Though the premise may fall under taboo for many, it was done rather tastefully. Bram has always felt the need to protect his best friends younger sister, Claudia. Claudia has always had a crush on her brothers best friend. When Bram returns back home to a grown up Claudia, he starts having less brotherly feelings towards Claudia, and feels the pull between them. With many factors fighting against them, they keep themselves hidden to simply enjoy and get to know the adult versions of themselves. I would certainly love a look into their life in a full length novel-that's how captivating these characters are. I believe that is a gift Georgia Cates portrays in all of her stories. Her characters really make you feel-even if this story is short and sweet. 

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