Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Crave Me by M. Robinson

Crave Me by M. Robinson is the 4th book in The Good Ole Boys Series and is by far the best one. I must say though this book should come with several warnings:
1. You should have tissues readily available.
2. You may want to have another reading device ready, so when you want to throw the one you are reading against the wall  and it shatters, you will have another one to  continue reading on.
3. You will want to read this when you are not going to be interrupted.
4. You may lose sleep if you start this book late in the evening.

Now that I have the warnings out of the way I must say this is one of the hardest reviews I have had to write, not because it wasn't good because it was sooo good! It is hard to put in words the different emotions you feel while reading this book. This book is like an onion, you know when you start to cut an onion that is makes you cry. I hardly cry while reading any book but with Crave Me then more I read Austin and Briggs' story the more I cried. It is also like an onion because this book has so many layers. This is definitely not your typical love story and that is what makes this book so great.

Austin, sweet, lovable, and most often understood. Austin is part of the Good Ole Boys that we meet in the first book. We know that once he was in the wreck with Alex (half pint) that he needs drugs just to live with the pain he endures on a daily basis. He eventually takes off and this is where he meets Briggs (Daisy) in Miami. He goes on a search for her and wants to forget about his family and friends back home in North Carolina because he thinks no one really understands him.
He ends up in New York and finds Briggs by accident through his friend and now is his chance.

Briggs is being raised by her uncle in New York after her parents were killed in a car accident. Her childhood is not typical she doesn't feel a connection in New York and she doesn't really feel like she has any family left. She has to live with the fact that she blames herself for killing her parents also.   Briggs is now older and is working for her uncle and is able to travel the world when she meets Austin. She tells Austin that she is his "new best friend".

Briggs and Austin have also had a bond since the first time they met in Miami. Their love for each grows more each day until her uncle offers him a position with his company. Over time even their bond seems to come unraveled. Austin is more into drugs than ever before and he is slowly killing his self. Briggs makes a decision to help him and they move back to North Carolina. No matter what Briggs tries Austin still has problems. It seems as though this couple will not get their happily ever after.

So many times I wanted to reach in and hug the characters and tell them it was going to be ok, But even I knew that it might not ever happen. This book is about so much more than love, it is about struggles, hatred, families, friends and bonds that can never be broken.

And in true M. Robinson fashion she leaves us wanting more!

I would recommend this book. It can be read as a stand alone but I would recommend reading the other books first if you haven't read them.

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