Saturday, March 11, 2017

No Place to Hide by Megan Lowe

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4 stars 
I loved how this book started out as the main characters as children but it broke my heart when they had to separate at such young ages. But of course Cole always wonder what happened to the girl next door he had a crush on. And McKnley Rhodes always blamed the little boy and his dad that used to live beside her for the destruction of her family.  And after 20 years she's still carries that hate and belief with her. And when they see each other again she let's him have it but he sets her straight on a few things but can it  be enough to let go of years of beliefs. This book is brought me in I was curious about how she was going to take it. I hated how the parents done some of the things they done but it is the way that some are in that light. I also liked how the author brought to attention and to light domestic violence even though there isn't any in this book.  I also love we get to see The Ryans again and can't wait for the next book!  I recommend this book! 

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