Monday, March 20, 2017

*REVIEW* OF With My Whole Heart by MariaLisa deMora

5 Stars

I have read some of MariaLisa deMora  books before and was looking forward to reading this one, even though I knew this was not her normal type of book she usually writes.
Jamie is a single mother just looking for a break that she thinks she deserves. After someone suggest she become a surrogate to make some money she looks into it and realizes this could be the break she needs. She meets with an agency and then picks a family. She gets to meet the family and falls in love with them. What she did not expect is to fall in love with the brother who is also the sperm donor.
Connor has thrown himself into his job as a high school teacher and a basketball coach after his twin brother died. He certainly was not looking for love but something about Jamie just called to him. He wanted nothing more than to be there for her and her son during the pregnancy. What neither of them expected was to fall in love but it's complicated right or maybe not?
I loved this story and how different is was from anything I had read before. This story is filled with compassion, love and struggles. I highly recommend this book and looked forward to reading more from MariaLisa deMora.

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