Sunday, April 23, 2017

*REVIEW* Ghost in his eyes by Carrie Aaron

4 stars from Sassy Southern Girl Victoria

A truly amazing whirlwind contemporary romance! There were several points in this book where I needed a few tissues-this is an extremely raw and emotional book-with out of this world writing.

Blake and Carson are soulmates. They grew up together, and at fifteen their romance began. Never mind the fact that they were young-they were in love. Their love was a beautiful high school romance-until tradegy struck. After driving drunk, Blake and Carson lose the third member of their tripod; Blakes twin brother. Blake is overwrought with depression and banishes Carson away from his hometown. After ten years and more heartbreaking losses from Blake-the two are reunited. After taking through their problems getting to know each other and finding new ways to love each other-the two are stronger than ever. They help each other work through the loss of Joel-while their steamy romance takes them on completely new adventures.

Although I loved this book and applaud the very talented writing by Ms. Aaron's, I believe there could have been a little more push and pull between the two characters. It seems like after they get together-things are completely fine-I was waiting, and wishing for the other shoe to drop so we could have an even bigger reunion with more tears and more happiness. It seems that after they get together and go through normal life there is a bit of a plateau of the story. All in all however, it was amazingly done and very deserving of 4 stars. 

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