Friday, April 28, 2017

*REVIEW* Kade by Jane Anthony

3 stars Sassy Southern Girl Victoria

I think rocker romances are one of the toughest to write-and Jane Anthony has absolutely put forth a very good effort. What makes rocker romances so tough is the tipping point in which the "care about nothing" playboy rocker finally realizes he's in love with the heroine. 
Kade is the typical rocker thrown off kilter when he sees Ainsley. Ainsley is just coming off a divorce from her cheating ex husband-in which she catches him with their young nanny. Her self esteem has suffered greatly, and throughout the book we're hit with her many emotional insecurities. Ainsley is along for the ride with her friend Jenny on Kade's band's tour, and of course Kade and Ainsley develop a relationship. After many explosive fights, and tons of going back and forth, Ainsley ends up leaving the tour and isn't reunited with Kade until a year later. Through a friends marriage, Ainsley having another boyfriend and realizing she doesn't actually have feelings for him, and crazy ex husband Bob still torturing them both, the book has many highs and lows.
For me, this story was way too jumpy. The fast forwarding through time happens with no indicators-and I found myself flipping back to try and understand when exactly things were going on. Additionally, I do believe this story dragged on quite a bit and could have ended much, much earlier. It felt so mundane that two chapters before the ending there were still conflicts going on between the two characters threatening them being together. All in all, the writing is done well, and didn't mind the switching of point of views between the two characters-it fit the story completely. 

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