Monday, April 24, 2017

*REVIEW* Ripple Effect by Evan Grace

4.5 stars from Sassy Southern Girl Tina

One moment, one action can cause a lot of changes,a lot of choices a ripple effect of change in life some good some bad. But in life in doesn't mean that fate doesn't step back in and put you exactly back where you are supposed to be. Brock and Ripley were high school sweethearts until one moment such as that happened. But when it's meant to be it's meant to be. Although the time apart has caused so many more issues and other problems that they might not can work through.  Once the secrets come out more things blow up in there face. This book is filled with love,laughter,tears,unlikely best friends and secrets that will break your heart.  This book will keep you interested from the beginning to find out all the truths and see if Brock and Ripley ever get their HEA!! There are a couple of things that held me back from giving this a 5 star rating and it could only be me,you need to decide for yourself.  One was I wanted more closure with the father than what was given,even though I know real life is like that also. And another one is just an inconsistency that I picked up on but it was nothing major. But I still loved this book and would highly recommend it! 

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