Monday, April 24, 2017

*REVIEW* Unfinished Night Duet by Violet Duke

5 Stars from Sassy Southern Girl Linda

Unfinished Night is the box set of Cane and Addison's story. And what is story it is. Addison is twenty and raising her younger brother, Tanner and sister, Kylie while working as a waitress at Joe's Diner. Almost every night Cane comes in while on his break as a cop. Addison and Cane form a friendship all the while Addison keeps her secret of living in her van with her siblings. One night while on duty Cane finds out what Addison has been hiding and vows to help her. Addison knows Cane loves his job and does not want him to risk that for her and her siblings. She does the only thing she knows she has to do....leave.
Seven long years later Cane finds Addison. This time he vows to do whatever it takes to show her he really loves her. The problem is Addison's past comes back to haunt her in more ways than she ever expected. She knows she should let Cane go but she does not want to this time. Addison is stronger now and knows Cane will do whatever it takes to help her find peace and happiness Addison deserves. Addison has spent her whole life caring for others that she deserves happiness and Cane wants nothing more than to give her that. 
This story had everything romance, humor, drama. Cane is my new book boyfriend. He was sweet, funny, protective and all around good guy. I loved how Cane was possessive especially when he met Alec. Alec had been helping Addison since she ran and was like an older brother to her. Addison was just one of those people you meet that seems to make you a better person because she believed in you and doing what was right.
I highly recommend this book. I look forward to reading more in this series especially Alec's story.

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