Friday, May 26, 2017

Disgraced by Natasha Knight

**3 Stars**

An unexpected reunion brings together two people who hadn't seen each other in two years. From their first meeting four years ago, when Damon's twin, Raphael, who is now married to Lina's sister, Sofia, there was always a connection between them. However, it wasn't to be as Lina was only sixteen and Damon was studying for the priesthood. But that day was the start of Damon's doubts regarding his plans for the future.

It's quickly apparent that the mutual attraction is still there, only stronger, but their love is still forbidden. Yes, Lina is now twenty, almost twenty-one, but Damon is still preparing to become a priest. He's continually put off becoming ordained and Gavin, his dean at the seminary, has sent him to New York for a couple reasons. One, Damon is to meet with a benefactor to secure funding and two, to essentially force Damon to make a final decision. This is his last chance to decide his path.

Lina, unbeknownst to Sofia, left school within her first year. Though her grades were exceptional, she knew it wasn't for her. She intentionally went to New York to arrange a meeting with someone her grandfather had previously had business dealings with. Yes, they were illegal ones, and Lina, in fact, turned over evidence resulting in her grandfather's prison sentence. She began working as a pianist for the other man, Sergei, but upon his own arrest, his son, Alexi, took over the business, as well as Lina.

Now Lina is trapped in a situation she can't escape and Damon, albeit in a different way, is feeling the same. He's unsure what the right decision is for him. All he knows is Lina is in danger and she needs him, in more ways than one, and honestly, he needs her just as much. They can save each other, if only they'd take the chance.

But as Damon and Lina succumb to their craving for one another, Damon can't help but regret it, believing he's made a mistake, and in his own self doubt, hurts Lina. Unfortunately, this happens a few times, each rejection wounding Lina until she knows it won't be long before she's irreparably broken.

What will Damon choose to do with his life? Should he follow his original plan, the one he doubts is the correct option for him, or fight for the woman he loves? Will Lina continue to let Damon break her heart? Or will she walk away, knowing she needs to protect herself? Is Lina safe? Or will Sergei or Alexi come after her? What happens when Alexi learns of Damon and Lina's betrayal? Will Damon reach her in time? Or will Alexi force Lina to pay off her supposed debt in a way of his choosing? Will Damon and Lina finally admit their love for one another? Or will Lina feel as if she's stealing Damon, knowing he's promised himself to another? Can Damon and Lina have their HEA? Or will they be torn apart, this time forever?

One-click now and follow along as two people are reunited and realize the love they have is a gift from above and not something to let slip away.

**I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.**

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