Tuesday, May 23, 2017

*REVIEW* Tough Love by Max Henry

5 stars
I absolutely adored this book! It's been a while since I've read so much angst-and loved every bit of it, and Max Henry has done a remarkable job at breaking your heart and putting it back together chapter after chapter.
Evan and Amelia were once children in love-torn away from each other for things going on in Evan's life. As Amelia tried her hardest to get over him, her world was rocked by her sisters evil boyfriend. Amelia has lived a life of torment, and void of emotions. When she is called to the hospital to tend to her estranged sisters bedside before she dies-her life takes a huge turn. Amelia volunteers to take care of her sisters son, Briar, now that her sister has died.  This is a brand new world for Amelia and I must say she adjusts absolutely magnificently. To Amelia's surprise, the officer on duty at the time of her sisters accident was her long lost love Evan. As the two rekindle their romance amongst several factors against them, we are left reading an exciting, ugly cry, sexy story about second chance love. If you're a fan of all things angst mixed with some sexy flirty fun, this book is a must click! 

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