Thursday, May 25, 2017

*REVIEW* Steal by Mayra Statham

4 Stars

Bryan Wright is a divorced police detective who decides to move out of his brother's house into a house owned by his friend Vaughn McGuire. When he thinks he is moving into a house with two guys he is completely surprised when he discovers the truth.

Valerie Duncan is an ER nurse and long time close friend of Vaughn McGuire. She has never had an easy go of things but as gotten parts of her life together. When she learns that Vaughn has rented out one of the bedrooms of their place she is shocked and mad.

Initially there is much tension between Valerie and Bryan but much of it has to do with the attraction and chemistry between the two. As the two begin a physical relationship will they discover how much they care about each other? When their respective pasts are brought to the future will they be able to get through it together or is it too much to overcome?

I really enjoyed this book and I definitely wasn't expecting some of the twists and turns that the book provided.

Bryan was an awesome alpha male who had great lines and lots of sex appeal. He was humorous and I loved the way he gradually broke down Valerie's walls. I liked the relationship he had with his brothers and his partners. Bryan fought hard to win Val's trust and I loved that.

Val was definitely an interesting character and I admired how she was able to turn her life around so much and get to a successful place. I loved that she was able to fix up cars and the house!

One of my favourite scenes was definitely the chocolate scene!! Making macaroons was never so appealing!   

So the twist with Bryan's past was definitely crazy!! I never thought it would go so far although once it got started I really wasn't surprised. Totally crazy!!

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