Tuesday, May 23, 2017

*REVIEW* Infinite Us by Eden Butler

4.5 stars

The most unique read of 2017! It would be fair to say that Nash and Willow possess the most character depth and personality than a majority of books I have read. Eden Butler has done an absolutely beautiful job at concocting such a diverse story.
Nash is a right brained workaholic that can never sleep-which is how he ends up meeting Willow for the first time. Willow is indeed an old soul that claims to cleanse auras. Her personality screams hippie, and she can sense trouble in Nash's mind that's keeping him from being able to sleep. After their first encounter, Nash is enthralled with the connection that is made. As Nash and Willow have these dreams, there is an incorporation for two more couples with their own unique love stories. 
This book is absolutely a lot to digest, and probably one of the most creative reads in contemporary romance. I am left infinitely speechless after reading this book, and you will be too! 

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