Monday, May 29, 2017

*REVIEW* Plight by K.M. Golland (

3 stars

I think that the writing, and the authors humor was completely spot on for a romantic comedy. I do however believe it was extremely difficult to create any kind of depth, given the plot of the story.
Danielle Cunningham and Elliot Parker made a pact when they were just children-they would marry each other when they turned thirty. As Danielle opens her Facebook and sees a message from Elliot, someone she has since lost touch with,  she is met with his demands for her to uphold her part of the verbal contract. Herein lies pretty much the whole plot of the book. Elliot has has a longstanding crush on Danielle, and it's no secret Danielle finds the smart as a whip Elliot delicious to look at.  The whole book is a lot of going back and forth-and I believe this book may have been better as a a short novella. 
Nevertheless, the lack of conflict and plot in this book should not shy you away from this author's writing. Her characters seem to have witty banter, and sometimes Danielle is laugh out loud funny. Both Danielle and Elliot's mothers will give you a good laugh!  For a contemporary romantic comedy, KM Golland has displayed some of her great writing talent. 

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