Monday, May 29, 2017

*REVIEW* The Way Back Home by Carmen Jenner

5 stars

Plain and simple-I adored everything about this book. I've never read any other book that has ever done such a well job depicting the mental anguish and physical extremes wounded vets put them through. This book is absolutely one of the best military books out there, hands down.
August Cotton is left taking care of his parents bed and breakfast and his four year old sister when his parents are killed in a car accident. August is a wounded vet, who suffers from PTSD episodes, and emotionally doesn't believe he's worthy of having any kind of relationship with anyone in his life. The brooding marine has met his match with Olivia-who shows up at the bed and breakfast after already giving the Cottons a month deposit for a room. Olivia and August have some of the largest tension I have ever read, and we're on edge until they come together. Olivia is no stranger to struggle, and has made it out of her mess alive, and happy. She runs a not for profit that raises dogs to help vegan  cope with the loneliness of coming back from war. Her biggest project yet is August Cotton. As Olivia breaks through August's hardened walls, we feel our heart break at the pain he endures each day.
This book was truly eye opening. There are so many vets out there that simply just need someone out there to care about them-not pity them and throw them out like an outcast for like the small town does to August. This is an amazing story about love, pain,regret, second chances, and an adorable four year old, a perfect pink piglet, dogs, and two rambunctious teenagers. 

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