Thursday, May 18, 2017

*REVIEW* Snare by K E Osborn

4.5 Stars

Nate Levine, 22, is the drummer in the band Recoil and has a pretty big secret that he has managed to keep from almost everyone, except his brother Nate. He lives his life guarded and keeps everyone away from certain aspects of his life.

Zaria Shafir is an Oscar winning actress and is going to star in Recoil's latest music video. She has two sides of her - one that everyone expects and what she was groomed to be and another side that very few see. When she meets Recoil she is attracted to Nate right away and knows that he is hiding something.

As Nate and Zaria begin a friendship they slowly begin to get closer and reveal their hidden secrets. But with a tour coming up for the video they need to keep their relationship quiet and hidden from the press. Will the pressures break them apart before they even have a chance to begin? Will certain secrets destroy any chance at happiness?

This is the third book in the series and this book was such a great read!

I absolutely loved Nate with all his flaws and creativeness. I can't believe he has been able to keep his secret for so long but I loved that he was willing to trust Zaria with it and have her help him. I also loved learning about his hidden talent and how Zaria was able to help him what that as well.

I really liked the side of Zaria that she shared with Nate. Yet she also had a different side to her that was more direct and could come off as cruel due to her upbringing with her mom and step-dad, Patrick Bloomfield. But at the same time Zaria was so worried about Nate being unfaithful because of what her ex-boyfriend did to her.

The tour was great in a certain sense but at the same time it ended up causing so many problems with Nate and Zaria and even between Lunar and Danger. I figured out one of the twists ahead of time which played a role in everything that ended up happening.

I was so mad at Zaria for awhile near the end of the book and couldn't believe her actions yet at the same time bringing Nate together with Alex O'Donovan was awesome.

Such a great read!!

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