Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Bad Guy by Celia Aaron

5 stars
Celia Aaron is always an author that before starting her newest release you always say "there is no way she can top her last book." Simply stated, she has done it, yet again! The Bad Guy is deliciously twisted but at times breathtakingly romantic. There is absolutely no way to determine how Celia comes up with such unique and gripping dark romances-but she is truly an evil genius that always takes you on quite the rollercoaster ride. 
Sebastian Lindstrom has been through many psychologists since he's been a kid-and they all conclude the same about his personality. He's a psychopath, the worst of his kind. He has no emotions, and has spent his life memorizing how he's supposed to act in order to appear normal. Sebastian's father has worked hard to try and teach him some semblance of normalcy. One night at a work function, Sebastian is knocked off his feet when he meets reserved Camille-someone already dating one of his employees. He insists their soulmates, and begins hatching a plan to kidnap her. When he finally kidnaps her, not only does Camille fight him at every turn-but she ends up feeling the spark between her and her captor. As feelings develop-something unheard of for Sebastian and his psychopatic tendencies, he realizes that in order to keep his soul mate at bay, he may have to let her go.
The two characters that Celia Aaron has created are two of my favorites I may have ever read. I found myself laughing during many of Sebastian's inner monologues, and at times finding myself sympathizing for him. Camille is strong willed, and though she hates the feelings that have developed, never stops fighting for her release. A total must read for any dark romance lover. 

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